Asthma Risk Linked to Low Fruit Consumption

fruits-82524__180A recent study of like individuals shows that consuming little or no citrus fruit leads to a higher incidence of suffering with symptomatic asthma. These symptoms are also linked to deficiencies in vitamin C and manganese which are present in many fruits.

The study showed that as little as 46 grams of citrus daily cut the risk of having symptomatic asthma in half. Interestingly, 46 grams is equivalent to only one quarter of a small orange.  

1 Thorax, May 2006.

Improved Motor Skills with Chiropractic Care

Increasing your competitive edge in sports and at work may be as simple as having a chiropractic adjustment. Proprioception is a fancy word for body position sense – in other words knowing where my feet, hands, etc. are without looking at them.

volleyball-1034336_1920A recent study showed that chiropractic adjustments improved motor skills in participants by 9.2 percent over those in the test that did not receive the chiropractic adjustment.

The key to this improved proprioception is fine tuning the communication between the body parts and the nervous system resulting in quicker, more precise movements.

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1 J Manipulative Physiological Therapeutics 2006; 29(4): 257-266.

Aging and Back Pain

With increased age comes increased frequency of back pain. A study from the journal Spine 1 shows that one third of people over age 65 report moderate back pain during daily tasks. The pain was triggered by strenuous activities like carrying shopping bags, heavy household tasks, even bending over to trim toenails.

old-450742_1920Fortunately, this problem is often improved through exercise, chiropractic care and even simple movement.

Pain is not a function of age. Pain IS often a function of ignoring the signs and symptoms which may lead to a myriad of problems from back pain to tooth decay.

For three decades Hall Chiropractic Center has helped people young and old regain and maintain their health.

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