Orthopedic Surgeons Recommend Chiropractic Too

spine-1971478_1280Chiropractic received more praise recently with the featured story titled “Mainstream Makes Adjustments” on the front page of the July 17, 2007 health section of The Washington Post. The story includes personal experiences of Buzz McClain – writer and chiropractic patient. McClain obtained relief from chiropractic care after three unsuccessful spinal surgeries. In the article, Dr. William Lauerman, chief of spine surgery and a professor of orthopedic surgery at Georgetown University Hospital commented, “I’m an orthopedic spine surgeon, so I treat all sorts of back problems, and I’m a big believer in chiropractic… I’m more of a believer for acute problems like short-term back pain, although I know [chiropractic] can be helpful for some cases of more-chronic conditions.” To view the full article, visit The Washington Post website.

Author: ChiroPlanet.com
Source: The Washington Post. July 17, 2007.
Copyright: ProfessionalPlanets.com LLC 2007

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