Headaches Affect Nearly Half Of All Adults

headache-1557872_1920The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported that headaches have enormous costs to society and are hugely widespread throughout the world. According to the report, 47 percent of all adults have some sort of headache disorder. In the European Union (EU) alone, it’s estimated that 190 million days are lost from work annually, solely due to migraine headaches. One in six women and one in twelve men are affected by migraines making it the most expensive brain disorder in the United States and EU with an estimated total annual cost of $229 billion. Doctors of chiropractic are highly trained to diagnose and treat a number of headache related disorders. In fact, many causes of headaches are soft-tissue based and can be successfully managed with safe, natural chiropractic procedures. If you experience headaches, no matter how severe or subtle, don’t continue to suffer. Call your licensed doctor of chiropractic today for a professional, thorough consultation and/or examination.

Author: ChiroPlanet.com
Source: Reuters. May 3, 2011.

Latent Effects of Whiplash Injury

Automobile accidents are often referred to as Personal Injuries. In fact that is exactly what they are; PERSONAL. The injuries sustained in a car wreck can be life-changing events. The National Institute of Health sites whiplash injury as a leading cause of chronic pain.

low back painClassic symptoms of a whiplash injury include neck and low back pain, shoulders pain, headache and pain/tingling in the upper extremities. These symptoms may last hours, days, weeks or even months. If ignored, the symptoms often subside to a ‘tolerable’ level but never completely disappear. The unfortunate result of this is that now the individual spends time (perhaps a lifetime) treating symptoms while the underlying problem worsens. 

Latent Effects of Whiplash Injury is a fancy term for the lasting changes that a body undergoes as a result of un- or under-treated injuries. These covert changes often lead to pain syndromes like neck pain, low back pain and headache.

Degenerative changes of the spine evident on X-ray exam often result from long-term abnormal position and motion of the spinal bones. These changes affect not just bones but delicate spinal nerves as well.

The Hall Chiropractic Center system of treating whiplash begins with 30 years’ experience. It includes addressing the causes of disc and spinal breakdown – not just the symptoms. Our comprehensive care plan includes clinical and home work to strengthen muscles, improve posture, and increase mobility.

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Genetic Myth Unraveled

Many of us will be spending time with family over the upcoming holiday (good luck with that). We will do the things that we’ve always done together from playing ball to eating special meals to napping in front of the TV.

Patients occasionally tell me that they have specific health issues, “…because Mom and Dad had the same thing.” While that is sometimes true, many things we ‘get’ from our families we don’t have to ‘keep’.

Common ailments like back pain or headaches or arthritis are often inherited from our family – but in a way different than you might think. While we certainly inherit our family’s genes we also inherit their habits. As children, we learn to stand and walk and eat and sleep by emulating our family members. If Mom has poor posture and dad sleeps in front of the TV and the whole family eats Twinkies and pizza for supper then we are likely to do the same. Behavioral Genetics is the study of these contrasts. 1.

The great news is that many seemingly genetic shortcomings are actually habitual and can be improved or eliminated. Perhaps Dad has arthritis and pain in his neck from poor posture or sleeping in a chair. What if Mom’s bad feet are a result of wearing terrible shoes her whole life? Maybe your brother’s headaches result from a terrible diet and hunching over a computer twelve hours a day.

These are all issues that can be improved or eliminated. Unfortunately, many of these learned faults have caused physical changes that now need to be dealt with.

At Hall Chiropractic Center we know that your present health is a result of your past. Diet, exercise, posture, work even past injuries add up to the sum of who we are now. Our unique treatment protocol is designed to help unravel the knots of life’s transgressions. It includes addressing the causes of your problems – not just the symptoms. Our comprehensive care plan includes clinical and home work to strengthen muscles, improve posture and increase mobility all aimed at restoring your good health.

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Chiropractors Take Headaches Personally

In two separate studies reported in Journal of Chiropractic Medicine, chiropractic care was shown to be effective in alleviating both migraine headaches and cervicogenic dizziness (dizziness created by a mechanical disturbance in the neck). While these are individual studies, they demonstrate the potential of chiropractic care for the successful management of migraine headaches and dizziness.

According to these specific studies, a 52 year old female with a 40 year history of migraine headaches occurring approximately monthly was migraine-free at her six month follow up evaluation after receiving chiropractic care. A 29 year old man with a 10 year history of progressive dizziness and neck pain reported a reduction of both pain and dizziness and an improved quality of life after chiropractic treatment.

My personal experience:  After a fall from a trampoline at age 7, I developed daily neck pain and migraine headaches. I suffered for over ten years. After a neck injury during high school sports, my parents took me to a chiropractor who resolved both of my problems; no more neck pain, no more headaches. What a game changer that was to my life. As a result, I have dedicated my professional life to ‘changing the game’ for my patients.

While not every migraine or dizziness sufferer obtains these results, I have successfully treated literally thousands of patients with these conditions. Our modern techniques combined with twenty five years of chiropractic experience offer help to thousands of satisfied patients.

Hall Chiropractic Center can help…

Dr. David Hall has been successfully caring for patients with this and other conditions for over 25 years.

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