Improve Motion Naturally

sleep-835468_1920New research again confirms the motion benefits of chiropractic care. In a recent study, researchers found that chiropractic manipulation of the cervical spine (neck) resulted in an increased motion and improved performance of the cervical spine. These improvements were recorded after just one cervical adjustment. So how does all this work? Chiropractic manipulations / adjustments not only introduce motion into the joints, they positively stimulate the nervous system related to those joints. This gentle and skillfully applied motion, whether through the hands or use of an instrument, and nervous system activation results in the movement of nourishing fluid into the joint, a reduction in joint adhesions as well as an activation in the nerves surrounding the joints. All in all, this has been shown to reduce inflammation, reduce pain, and as this study has shown, improve motion and overall joint performance.

Source: JMPT. March 2010. Volume 33. Issue 3.
Copyright: LLC 2010

Neck Pain Sufferers Should Seek Immediate Care

back-pain-1491801_1920A new study indicates that those suffering from neck pain have the best outcome when they seek care sooner rather than later. In the study, researchers evaluated a number of variables to determine which ones might predict the outcome of their chiropractic treatments. When evaluating reported neck pain levels, neck disability and perceived recovery after treatment, researchers found the only variable that was consistent in predicting the treatment outcome was the duration of neck pain during the person’s first visit. Those who received chiropractic care sooner consistently tended to have better treatment outcomes. It should be understood that chiropractic care is also appropriate and effective for subacute and chronic neck pain, however, those neck pain sufferers seeking care sooner typically experience a better treatment outcome. Therefore, as common sense also dictates, we recommend you don’t simply wait for your neck pain to go away. Instead, take a proactive and proven course of action – seek immediate chiropractic evaluation for your neck pain in order to achieve the best outcome possible.

Source: Spine. 33(13):1451-1458, June 1, 2008.
Copyright: LLC 2008

Neck Manipulation Extremely Safe

wellness-285590_1920.jpgIf you’ve ever heard certain sources claiming that chiropractic spinal manipulation/adjustment of the neck region can be unsafe or downright dangerous, a new study published in the internationally respected journal Spine should help put you at ease. U.K. researchers set out to evaluate the true risk of chiropractic manipulation of the cervical spine (neck region). After reviewing data from over 50,000 cervical manipulations, researchers found no reports of serious adverse events. Researchers concluded, “… the risk of a serious adverse event, immediately or up to 7 days after treatment, was low to very low”. Of course, doctors of chiropractic have known for over 100 years that chiropractic manipulation of the spine and joints of the body is not only highly effective, but also extremely safe for their patients.

Source: Spine. 32(21):2375-2378, October 1, 2007.
Copyright: LLC 2007

Chiropractic Care Successful For Chronic Neck Pain Sufferers

physio-1778029_1920.jpgA recent study examined the effectiveness of traditional bone setting (chiropractic adjustments) to both conventional physiotherapy and massage in those suffering from chronic neck pain. The randomized clinical trial included more than 100 individuals with a mean age of 41.5 years who were randomly assigned to receive either chiropractic adjustments, physiotherapy or massage treatments. Improvements were seen among all three treatment groups (chiropractic adjustments, physiotherapy and massage) 1-month post-treatment with perceived neck disability and overall satisfaction significantly better with the chiropractic adjustment group. At 1-year post-treatment, both perceived neck disability and neck pain were significantly better in those who received chiropractic adjustments as compared with the other two groups. Also, 69 percent of individuals who received chiropractic adjustments noted significant improvement in their neck pain as compared with 40 and 46 percent in the physiotherapy and massage groups, respectively. Moreover, the ability of the bone setters to communicate and interact with patients was rated significantly higher and those receiving chiropractic-type adjustments had significantly fewer sick days and painkiller medication consumption 1-year post-treatment.

Source: JMPT – July 2007; Volume 30, Issue 6.
Copyright: LLC 2007

Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation For Chronic Neck Pain

massage-1929064_1920.jpgAccording to a recent literature review evaluating the effectiveness of chiropractic spinal manipulation for the treatment of chronic neck pain (neck pain lasting 8 or more weeks), chiropractic spinal manipulation is extremely beneficial for many forms of chronic neck pain. According to researchers, they found “high-quality evidence” that spinal manipulation provided significant pain-level improvements on those suffering from chronic neck pain. Researchers concluded that there was moderate to high quality evidence that subjects with chronic neck pain showed clinically important improvements from a course of chiropractic spinal manipulation at 6, 12 and up to 104 weeks post-treatment. They also added that current evidence did not support a similar level of benefit from massage.

Source: JMPT. March 2007; Vol. 30, Issue 3.
Copyright: LLC 2007

Chiropractic – It’s Not Just About Back and Neck Pain – It’s About Wellness

head-650878_1920According to data from the National Health Interview Survey conducted in 2002, at any given time approximately one quarter (26.4%) of U.S. adults report having suffered from low back pain lasting at least an entire day in the preceding 3 months. Neck pain lasting at least an entire day was reported by 13.8% of U.S. adults within the preceding 3 months. These are two of the most common conditions prevalent in society today and comprise a large percentage of the people that seek chiropractors care. However, more and more people are learning about the wellness related benefits of chiropractic care. This includes chiropractic care designed to not only alleviate pain, but care that has been designed to improve one’s overall wellbeing. Call today and allow us to show you what chiropractic care has to offer you and your entire family!

Source: Spine. 31(23):2724-2727, November 1, 2006.
Copyright: 2006

Chiropractic Adjustments/Manipulation Effective For Neck Pain

back-pain-1491802_1920Not that you didn’t already know about the incredible effects of chiropractic care, but yet another study has been published showing the significant benefits of chiropractic care in a group of individuals suffering from neck pain. In this new study, researchers studied the immediate effects of a chiropractic cervical (neck) adjustment on neck pain and active cervical range of motion. Seventy patients (25 male and 45 female) aged 20 to 55 years with mechanical neck pain were involved with the study. Researchers concluded that with just a single chiropractic adjustment (often referred to as chiropractic manipulation), the majority of patients experienced an immediate decrease in neck pain as well as immediate increase in neck motion as compared with a control group.

Source: JMPT. September 2006; Vol 29, No. 17.
Copyright: 2006

Back Pain – A Little Something for Everybody!

stocksnap_vgpll83ygrNeck and back pain continue to be a global dilemma. A recent study surveyed 600 men aging from 35 to 70 for pain over a one-year span. The results showed 67% experienced low back pain, 64% neck pain and 17% mid back pain. Low back pain was reported as the most intense and disabling. Fortunately, chiropractic care has a proven track record of helping men, women and children with these kinds of problems.

The Hall Chiropractic system of health begins with 30 years’ experience. It includes addressing the causes of a problem – not just the symptoms. Our comprehensive care plan includes clinical and home work to strengthen muscles, improve posture and increase mobility. Call Dr. Hall at 803.421.2240or visit us at 1171 Market Street, Suite 104 in Fort Mill’s Baxter Village for a no-obligation consultation. Our office is open from 7AM Monday through Friday and we accept most health insurances.

Chiropractic Management of Neck Pain In Veterans

Veterans and Neck PainA recent study published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics indicates chiropractic management of neck pain in veterans resulted in successful outcomes for the majority. Researchers evaluated 54 cases where veterans with a chief complaint of neck pain presented themselves for care at a Veterans Health Administration medical center. Two-thirds of patients experienced statistically significant and clinically meaningful results after, on average, less than 9 chiropractic treatments.

Hall Chiropractic Center can help…

Dr. David Hall has been successfully treating patients with neck pain for over 25 years.

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Latent Effects of Whiplash Injury

Automobile accidents are often referred to as Personal Injuries. In fact that is exactly what they are; PERSONAL. The injuries sustained in a car wreck can be life-changing events. The National Institute of Health sites whiplash injury as a leading cause of chronic pain.

low back painClassic symptoms of a whiplash injury include neck and low back pain, shoulders pain, headache and pain/tingling in the upper extremities. These symptoms may last hours, days, weeks or even months. If ignored, the symptoms often subside to a ‘tolerable’ level but never completely disappear. The unfortunate result of this is that now the individual spends time (perhaps a lifetime) treating symptoms while the underlying problem worsens. 

Latent Effects of Whiplash Injury is a fancy term for the lasting changes that a body undergoes as a result of un- or under-treated injuries. These covert changes often lead to pain syndromes like neck pain, low back pain and headache.

Degenerative changes of the spine evident on X-ray exam often result from long-term abnormal position and motion of the spinal bones. These changes affect not just bones but delicate spinal nerves as well.

The Hall Chiropractic Center system of treating whiplash begins with 30 years’ experience. It includes addressing the causes of disc and spinal breakdown – not just the symptoms. Our comprehensive care plan includes clinical and home work to strengthen muscles, improve posture, and increase mobility.

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