Walk Away From Diabetes

A recently published article in Diabetes Care Journal advocates that physical activity, even small amounts, can reduce the prevalence of diabetes by as much as 30%. The study included Native American populations known to generally have low levels of physical activity and high rates of diabetes. There were some 1,800 patients who were all diabetes-free at the onset of the study. They all wore pedometers to measure the number of steps traveled per day.

happy older couple walking25% of the group had very low levels of physical activity (3,500 steps or fewer per day) while 50% walked fewer than 7,800 steps daily. After five years of follow up almost 20% of the lowest activity had developed diabetes while less than 12% of the more active participants had diabetes.

The study concluded that, after taking other risk factors into consideration, the more active participants were almost 30% less likely to develop diabetes than the less active participants.

People with diabetes often limit their movements/exercise because of complaints of joint pain. Dr. Hall uses his 30 years of chiropractic experience to assess the patient’s limitations and fashion an individualized plan to get the patient moving. Movement improves movement and overall health. Since we are what we eat, Dr. Hall’s treatment may include a comprehensive assessment and modification of the patient’s diet as well.

At Hall Chiropractic Center, our holistic approach to back pain and other common complaints begins with a whole body assessment to help us identify the true underlying cause of certain pain syndromes and other problems.  Our whole-body system of care includes joint mobilization, exercise, therapeutic massage and nutritional support. .

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