5 Tips for Staying Healthy This Holiday Season

The holidays are are wonderful time of the year. Parties, family get-togethers, dinners, lots of special treats going around, and not to mention the festive spirit in the air. It’s definitely a special time.

Unfortunately, it can also be a time when healthy living takes a backseat to all the festivities and indulgences. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way.

8225023424_6b62487c9e_zI recently read this fantastic article that shares 5 tips for keeping you healthy this holiday season.

Here are the 5 tips:

  1. Stay hydrated – Drinking plenty of water will not only help you fight off dreaded holiday sicknesses, but it will also help you avoid over-eating.
  2. Keep working out – Just because kids are out of school and you have some vacation days at work doesn’t mean you get a pass to stop working out. Sticking with your workout routine will help keep your metabolism running smoothly so when you do indulge in dessert, it won’t set you back too far.
  3. Bundle up after you work out – With the holiday season comes the colder weather and going from hot and sweaty to freezing cold as you walk to/from your car is a great way to guarantee you’ll spend the holidays under the weather!
  4. Give ‘active’ gifts – Why not motivate your friends and family to get active as well. Give something that will help them be inspired to live healthy and enjoy an active lifestyle.
  5. Enjoy…in moderation – Nobody is saying you can’t eat all the good food you’ll be around this holiday season. We’re just saying it’s probably a good idea if you don’t eat ALL the good food. Enjoy a little, but don’t go overboard.

I hope these tips are helpful this holiday season!

Do you have any tips for staying healthy this holiday season? What would you suggest? What have you found works for you?

Go ahead and post a comment below.