Herniated Disc Help

Herniated Disc is a finding often associated with spine or radiating extremity pain. A spinal disc is a fibrous, ligament-like material which serves several purposes. It works as a shock absorber between each of the spinal vertebrae and it serves as ‘glue’ to hold these bones together while giving them tremendous range of motion and flexibility. It also works as a spacer to hold the bones apart so that the spinal nerves have a space to ‘live’. A breakdown of the disc can be sudden as in a car wreck or it can slow and insidious.

herniated discDisc breakdown can result from a combination of many different issues:

Weak Core Muscles       

Think of your core muscles as a box consisting of the abdominal muscles in the front and sides, the diaphragm on the top, the Multifidus (spinal) muscles on the back and the pelvic floor muscles on the bottom. A weakening of this box leads to an unstable spine/disc structure

Poor Posture    

Postural imbalances put a constant, insidious stress on the entire body including a shearing type stress on the spinal nerves.

Lack of Mobility               

Discs don’t have a true blood supply to nourish them. Instead, they get their nutrition and (important) fluid by a pumping action when the associated joint moves. Consequently, the less a spinal joint moves, the less healthy the disc becomes.


Not only is obesity well documented and well publicized as leading to life-threatening conditions such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes; it can also stress joints and degrade cartilage [discs] in the lower half of the body, ultimately resulting in joint problems and osteoarthritis (OA).1

The Hall Chiropractic Center system of treating herniated discs begins with 30 years’ experience. It includes addressing the causes of disc and spinal breakdown – not just the symptoms. Our comprehensive care plan includes clinical and home work to strengthen muscles, improve posture, increase mobility and simple, actionable weight loss steps.

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