Fort Mill Chiropractor Offers A Modern Solution to Midfoot Pain

Midfoot pain is common in people participating in sports where feet are stressed to their limits like running, soccer and basketball.  Typically the patient presents with pain on top of the foot and tenderness where the ankle meets the midfoot. The onset of pain is usually subtle or even unknown. This problem most often results from repetitive stress and is certainly not reserved for athletes. Anyone who stresses their feet, even by standing on hard floors like factory workers or teachers are susceptible to this problem. 

Lisfranc Injury

The arrow points to the “home run” screw that mimics the injured Lisfranc ligament.

A severe form of this is called a Lisfranc Injury presenting with swelling and bruising on the bottom of the midfoot. This is often a result of a more traumatic injury with bone fracture, ligament tear and or joint dislocation. This will be discussed in another segment. 1 

The underlying cause of midfoot pain is often a breakdown of ligaments supporting the arches of the feet, often called fallen arches. This leads to changes in both form and function of the foot making it vulnerable to injury.

Unknown to most people each foot has three arches – not just one. These arches form a ‘pyramid of support’, allowing the foot to work as a spring for both shock absorption and propulsion.

Unfortunately feet that have undergone this change cannot be rehabbed but need to be supported.  Custom, flexible foot orthotics are the answer. 2. Our state-of-the-art laser foot scanner allows us to create a 3-D map of the feet and assess the need for orthotics. If appropriate, we will create orthotics which are 100% customized to the individual – not off a shelf at Walmart.

At Hall Chiropractic Center we know that your present health is a result of your past. Diet, exercise, posture, work, even injuries add up to the sum of who we are now. Our unique treatment protocol is designed to help unravel the knots of life’s transgressions.

It includes addressing the causes of your problems – not just the symptoms. Our comprehensive care plan includes clinical and home work to strengthen muscles, improve posture and increase mobility all aimed at restoring your good health.

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