Steroid Injections Do Little to Treat Sciatica

Findings in a recent study (Annals of Internal Medicine, online November, 13, 2012) show that steroid injections do little to treat sciatic pain. Sciatica is a common term used to describe radiating leg pain. Traditional medical treatment often includes steroid injections into the epidurum (the space around the spinal cord). An analysis of over two dozen clinical trials showed that steroid injection had little positive effect on sciatic pain. In spite of this fact steroid use has soared to almost two million cases per year, costing hundreds of dollars per treatment. A recent outbreak of fungal meningitis in the US was linked to tainted supply of steroid medication. The problem infected 400 and led to 31 deaths.

The researchers suggest that alternate forms of treatment, including chiropractic care be considered.

At Hall Chiropractic Center, our holistic approach to back pain and other common complaints begins with a whole body assessment to help identify the true underlying cause of certain pain syndromes and other problems.  Our whole-body system of care includes joint mobilization, exercise, therapeutic massage and nutritional support