Latent Effects of Whiplash Injury

Automobile accidents are often referred to as Personal Injuries. In fact that is exactly what they are; PERSONAL. The injuries sustained in a car wreck can be life-changing events. The National Institute of Health sites whiplash injury as a leading cause of chronic pain.

low back painClassic symptoms of a whiplash injury include neck and low back pain, shoulders pain, headache and pain/tingling in the upper extremities. These symptoms may last hours, days, weeks or even months. If ignored, the symptoms often subside to a ‘tolerable’ level but never completely disappear. The unfortunate result of this is that now the individual spends time (perhaps a lifetime) treating symptoms while the underlying problem worsens. 

Latent Effects of Whiplash Injury is a fancy term for the lasting changes that a body undergoes as a result of un- or under-treated injuries. These covert changes often lead to pain syndromes like neck pain, low back pain and headache.

Degenerative changes of the spine evident on X-ray exam often result from long-term abnormal position and motion of the spinal bones. These changes affect not just bones but delicate spinal nerves as well.

The Hall Chiropractic Center system of treating whiplash begins with 30 years’ experience. It includes addressing the causes of disc and spinal breakdown – not just the symptoms. Our comprehensive care plan includes clinical and home work to strengthen muscles, improve posture, and increase mobility.

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